Smog Coupon

Smog Coupon

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$32.75 DMV Smog with Smog Coupon

  • Present smog coupon in print or mobile format
  • Bring DMV papers (optional)
  • + $8.25 Certificate, If Vehicle Passes
  • SUVs, Trucks $44.95, Lg. Vans & Motorhomes $54.95 / ETF’s Apply
  • 95′ and Older Vehicles Additional $20 (EVAP Test)

Smog Check:

  • We smog test all vehicles
  • We smog all DMV smog checks
  • Smog Check Certification
  • Smog check for Out of state inspections
  • Smog Test Only
  • Regular Smog Test
  • Diesel Smog Check
  • STAR Station directed Smog Test
  • Gross Polluter Smog Check

Why Smog Test at our STAR Station?

  • Fast Smog Test
  • STAR Certified
  • Easy access for all cars
  • Acceptance of any credit cards, debit cards, checks, or cash

Smog Location:

We serve Mission Vieo, CA